• How to Avoid (some) of Ryanair's Service Charges

    12 September 2010

    How much does Ryanair charge?  Budget airline Ryanair charges £5 per person, per flight charge on booking tickets.

    The charge, which adds £10 per passengerto the cost of return flights, is levied on all debit or credit card purchases and can only be avoided if you use a pre-paid Mastercard to book flights.

    Office of Fair Trading cheif executive John Singleton has branded Ryanair puerile for its charges. Previously the fee was lifted only if you used a Visa Electron card, ut as more people began to take out cards to beat charges, it switched this to pre-paid Mastercard.

    1. Why does Ryanair do this?

    It helps it keep the advertised fare down, while still making substantial profits. It allows Ryanair to get away with not adding the £5 per person each way charge to advertised fares as they offer at least one way of paying that does not incur the charge.

    Of course, it chooses a method of paying that very few people have.

    2. How can I avoid the charges?

    Ryanair's current rules mean that you cannot avoid its charges with a bank account card. But, if you pay for your flights with a pre-paid Mastercard you will not be charged the £5 administration fee (That's a £5 feee per person, per flight!)

    Paying with a pre-paid Mastercard means two adults taking return flights would save £20 in adminstration charges.

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